CEO's new album, Wonderland, comes out Feb. 4.

First Listen: CEO, ‘Wonderland’

Wonderland is, at times, superficially soothing and fun, an almost hedonistic paean. But not far beneath the surface lies something more unsettling and challenging: a statement about isolation and loneliness and a delicate search for meaning.

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Marissa Nadler's new album, July, comes out Feb. 4.

First Listen: Marissa Nadler, ‘July’

On her sixth album, the Bostonian singer-songwriter gets darker and more sinister than ever before. Its title must refer to a cold, polarizing kind of July, with the frigid climes that accompany an early-February release.

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Sweetheart 2014 comes out Feb. 4.

First Listen: ‘Sweetheart 2014’

The Sweetheart compilations adhere to a simple concept in which well-liked contemporary artists cover well-liked classic love songs just in time for Valentine’s Day. This year’s participants include Fiona Apple, Vampire Weekend, Sharon Jones, Ben Harper, Jim James, Beck, Valerie June and more.

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