Watch: Two Inch Astronaut Detonates At WAMU 88.5

By Ally Schweitzer

Warning: The above video contains explicit language.

With a history of anxious, acrobatic rock music (see: Dismemberment Plan), the D.C. region seems like the only place on Earth that could have birthed a band as squirrely as Two Inch Astronaut. But six years after its debut, Slip Disco, the young trio has become harder to place on a timeline of D.C. rock.

Two Inch Astronaut is one of D.C.’s most prolific and evolving rock bands, playing loads of local gigs and constantly tweaking its sound — and the fruits of their labor are found on February’s Personal Life, their most refined album yet.

Don’t think “refined” equates to “tame,” however. On Personal Life, Two Inch Astronaut sounds just as brainy and wacked out as ever.

Watch Two Inch Astronaut rock “Personal Life” (above) and “At Risk Student” (below) live for Bandwidth.

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All photos by Rhiannon Newman