Tiny Desk Concert with Beauty Pill

Beauty Pill: Tiny Desk Concert

In Beauty Pill’s music, life whirs with plunderphonic glee and riffs are funky from the inside out. Watch the D.C. band adapt its deeply textured songs without removing anything vital.

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Tiny Desk Concert with Happyness

Happyness: Tiny Desk Concert

If you’re a fan of dark, incredibly dry, wry humor, you’ve just found Happyness. Watch the London trio perform three songs that enchant and lull, even as they jar you with their quirkiness.

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Tiny Desk Concert with SOAK.

SOAK: Tiny Desk Concert

Performing three songs from Before We Forgot How To Dream, Irish singer-songwriter Bridie Monds-Watson makes the most of a single voice and an acoustic guitar.

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Tiny Desk Concert with Shamir

Shamir: Tiny Desk Concert

The singer’s disco-infused funk and soul gets stripped down to a lone voice with a guitar, surrounded by an admiring throng of NPR staffers, interns and friends.

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