Tiny Desk Concert with Gaelynn Lea.

Gaelynn Lea: Tiny Desk Concert

Watch the singer and violinist who stood out from 6,000-plus entries in NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest. Gaelynn Lea performs two of these four songs with fellow Duluth, Minn., musician Alan Sparhawk of Low.

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Tiny Desk Concert with Wilco.

Wilco: Tiny Desk Concert

Bands don’t typically get to play the Tiny Desk more than once, but Wilco is a natural exception. Watch the group perform “The Joke Explained” and three songs from its late-’90s catalog.

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Tiny Desk Concert with Rapsody

Rapsody: Tiny Desk Concert

In 2015, the young rapper had her big moment. This year, she’s seizing it. Watch Rapsody perform three songs from Beauty And The Beast, recorded live at the NPR Music offices.

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Tiny Desk Concert with Youth Lagoon

Youth Lagoon: Tiny Desk Concert

Trevor Powers’ new songs are more expansive and self-assured than usual, a transition reflected in this performance. In person, he’s poised, appearing almost joyful at times.

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Tiny Desk Concert with The Wild Reeds

The Wild Reeds: Tiny Desk Concert

Great singers aren’t easy to come by, so finding three in one band is something special. The Wild Reeds’ songs are clear and memorable, potent and sometimes delicate, and beautifully performed here.

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