Watch A Strange, Gorgeous New Video From Beach House

By Sophie Kemp  |  NPR

The Baltimore dream-pop duo Beach House creates videos that don’t need to make sense. The band, which has a decade-long discography, makes music that’s easy to get lost in, with a heavy wall of sound and ambient noise. In the new video for “The Traveller,” we see unearthly footage of a woman in red walking around a dark set. The video feels like an artifact from another dimension: Everything is distorted and fuzzy — more like an experimental short film than a music video. As it plays out, we hear a song drenched in gorgeous, transporting shoegaze guitar and Victoria Legrand’s languid, hazy vocals.

“The Traveller” appears on Thank Your Lucky Stars, out now via Sub Pop.

For more about how Beach House creates its sound, listen to an interview Bob Boilen did with the band last summer.

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