The Sweet Windbreakers In Flasher’s Video For ‘Destroy’ Will Make You Jealous

By Lars Gotrich  |  NPR

Born out of Washington, D.C.’s revitalized punk and hardcore scenes, Flasher is what happens when punk grows up. Featuring guitarist Taylor Mulitz (Priests), bassist Daniel Saperstein (Bless), and drummer Emma Baker (Big Hush), the trio’s self-titled cassette is a moody and lush affair with hushed, dueling vocals that dart in and out of shadows. It’s night music rendered in blurry neon light.

That seven-song EP will be reissued on vinyl via Priests’ in-house label, and with the announcement comes a video for “Destroy.” The EP’s closing track is about as close to a pop song as Flasher gets, with a bouncy guitar/bass riff, a la The Smiths, and a catchy refrain (“I just wanna be your boy”), but razor-cut with a sarcastic sneer. Dressed in snazzy, blue windbreakers, the band goofs off around D.C. playgrounds, graveyards and parking lots in a video directed by Drew Hagelin.

Flasher is due out Nov. 18 on Sister Polygon.

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