Three Inscrutable Moments In This New Video From Old Indian

By Ally Schweitzer

The storyline of this new video for “Just A Bum” — a surf-rock ripper from Frederick, Maryland, rock ensemble Old Indian — seems basic: Guy goes to office, makes gross mess with junk food purchased at 7-11, accomplishes nothing except a panicked run to the bathroom, friendly rockers hook him up with toilet paper.

But there are some Easter eggs here. Such as:

  1. Cory Springirth’s guitar is plugged into a toilet-paper dispenser
  2. Crazy Office Guy’s computer is not plugged in at all
  3. There is a slice of pizza in a binder, and it’s clamped in with binder rings

Hats off to the video’s cinematographers, Eric Boehnlein and Robert Urteaga, for the weirdness.

Old Indian plays Flying Dog Brewery Aug. 22 with Of Montreal and Mothers. Read more about the band in Bandwidth’s Track Work series.