Listen: New Music From Economical Indie Rockers Spirit Plots

By Ally Schweitzer


Back in October, punky indie-rock trio Spirit Plots divulged its songwriting secrets to Bandwidth’s Justyn Withay.

spirit-plots“Our formula is Hook –> Chorus –> Bridge (repeat x2) –> End. Keep it under two minutes. Gold,” said guitarist Javier Diaz.

Now that the D.C. band has unleashed two new songs from its forthcoming LP — name and release date still TBD — I can happily confirm that formula hasn’t changed much. Both new tunes, “Burnt Tapes” and “Allison,” rip stuff up and put it back together again in tidy blasts. Neither even grazes the two-minute mark.

Diaz says Spirit Plots dropped the two tracks today to promote its July 13 gig with Teen Liver and Notaries Public at Fort Reno. That summer concert series is officially happening this year, as booker Amanda MacKaye announced today. Its lineup of bands has been announced, with a complete schedule still on the way.

Check out “Burnt Tapes” and “Allison” right here, and get primed for Fort Reno: