Red Onion Records Is Relocating To U Street This Summer

By Ally Schweitzer


D.C. record shop Red Onion Records is moving to U Street NW.

Shop owner Josh Harkavy calls the cozy storefront at 1628 U Street NW his “dream store.” He says its visibility from the street — and high ceilings — will be a major upgrade. Since 2006, Harkavy has run his tidy and well-curated shop out of a basement at 1901 18th Street NW.

Flower shop Bouquets and More previously leased 1628 U Street NW. Before that, eco-friendly shop Greater Goods occupied the space.

Joint Custody was the last record store to relocate from Adams Morgan to U Street NW. It moved from a grimy spot under the old Pharmacy Bar to a more spacious (and pleasant) location at 1530 U St. NW in 2013. But Red Onion’s departure doesn’t deprive Adams Morgan of all its record stores: Crooked Beat and Smash are still holding down 18th Street NW for the time being.

Three years ago, a move to U Street might have been unimaginable for Harkavy. In 2012 he announced he planned to close Red Onion. Months later, he had a change of heart. Now the business owner seems optimistic about his store’s future.

Harkavy says he’s “just excited and looking forward to the new space.”

If all goes to plan, Harkavy says, Red Onion will open on U Street in August.

Photo by Flickr user Elvert Barnes used under a Creative Commons license.