This Week On Metro Connection: A Close Listen To D.C. Music

By Ally Schweitzer


Update, May 22: The show is now streaming on

Friday and Saturday, Bandwidth is pairing up with WAMU’s weekly newsmagazine Metro Connection to tackle music communities in the Washington, D.C. region.

We’ll be covering a lot of bases, talking about the remarkable growth and vibrance of the District’s jazz scene, the evolution of D.C. hip-hop music, local cassette culture, boutique electronic-music label 1432R and Baltimore’s Deathfest.

Plus, Art Beat reporter Lauren Landau will take us on a backstage tour of D.C. music venues, and we’ll have a little slice of oral history from one prominent figure in D.C.’s punk community.

To get you primed for this special edition of Metro Connection, we have a sampling of some of the perspectives you’ll hear on the show when it airs 1 p.m. Friday (and 7 a.m. Saturday):

D.C. jazz promoter Dick Smith discusses the “high art” of jazz and his take on electronic music:

Rapper and producer Kokayi doles out advice to up-and-coming D.C. musicians who want to be heard:

The founders of D.C. electronic label 1432R remember how a fortuitous night at U Street Music Hall helped them understand their calling:

A backstage tour of the 9:30 Club with venue spokesperson Audrey Schaefer:

For more teasers from this week’s show, check out WAMU 88.5’s Soundcloud page — and don’t forget to tune into the program at 1 p.m. Friday or 7 a.m. Saturday. Of course, the show will also be streaming online as of Friday, May 22.

Photo by Flickr user bootbearwdc used under a Creative Commons license.