Diane Cluck Live At The Wilderness Bureau

By Raul Zahir De Leon

I first encountered Diane Cluck through a copy of her 2001 album, Macy’s Day Bird. Immediately falling in love with her unique voice and songwriting style, I became an eager consumer of her subsequent releases over the next few years. Her recordings have always remained in my regular rotation, despite the fact that she hadn’t released a new full-length since 2006.

Then to my pleasant surprise, Cluck launched her subscription-based “song-of-the-week” project in 2012, and ultimately a new LP this year. So a couple of weeks ago—on the first day of her most recent tour—Bandwidth was honored to host Cluck at the Wilderness Bureau, as she performed a couple of songs for us: “Perigee Moon” and “Heartloose,” the latter from her new album, Boneset.



918152309photos: Maggie Famiglietti