Alice Boman Live At WAMU

By Ally Schweitzer

The story goes that Swedish songwriter Alice Boman almost didn’t let anyone else hear her early recordings. She’d taped a little collection of songs in her home just for herself, and contacted Malmö’s Studio Möllan to inquire about putting down a proper version of one of the tunes. But an engineer at the studio loved her home tapes, and passed them along to the folks at Adrian Recordings. The label decided it couldn’t let her sad, delicate songs go unheard, and released her demos as the EP Skisser (“Sketches”) in 2013.

A similar scenario played out here at WAMU when we were offered a recording session with Boman: It almost didn’t happen. We had staffing and scheduling issues, and I initially declined the invitation. But after a few more tries, we found a way—and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have these documents of the short time we spent with Boman and her band two weeks ago before she played House of Sweden in D.C.

The songs she performed for us, the equally beautiful “Over” and “What”—both released on Boman’s EP II this year—represent two of my favorite moments in the studio yet.

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