Watch: Ex Hex’s Campy New ‘Waterfall’ Video

By Ally Schweitzer

D.C. rock ‘n’ roll outfit Ex Hex unleashed its debut album last week via Merge Records, and today the three-piece dropped a kitschy, party-hearty and totally fun new video for single “Waterfall.”

Directed by splashy animator M. Wartella, this one follows Ex Hex’s Betsy Wright, Mary Timony and Laura Harris as they hover above D.C. in a rock ‘n’ roll UFO, zapping lames into freaks. It strikes cool into a sanitary worker (Michelle Mae), a dorky tourist (Kid Congo Powers), a bookworm (Francy Graham) and some kind of newspaper-reading square (Alec MacKaye)—and gives them all oddly similar sunglasses.

Most amazingly, this is all based on a true story.*

*Not really.

The video was shot here in D.C., with help from some familiar local names: Toolbox DC‘s Brian Liu (an occasional Bandwidth contributor) and designer/artist Jonah Takagi. Missed Ex Hex’s boisterous, messy video for “Hot and Cold”? Enter the time machine.