The Bounce: This Week In Music News

By Ally Schweitzer

Local legend George Smallwood gave DCist a show before a concert in D.C. this week.
Local legend George Smallwood gave DCist a show before a concert in D.C. this week. PPU

Bandwidth’s Friday roundup of local and not-so-local music news.

Hey, world, let Yoko Ono do her thing. [Consequence of Sound]

Kim Gordon: “Every time I have to plug in my own effects boxes, I get incredibly cranky. I hate touring.” [Chicago Reader]

Lady Gaga sings extremely well at the Oscars. [ABC]

But why are we surprised she’s got pipes? [Washington Post]

Raheem DeVaughn: “We’re in the most ratchet period of R&B music ever.” [Washington City Paper]

Yet the D.C. R&B singer’s new album debuted at No. 1. [Billboard]

If you want to know what crazy-making things people say to record-store clerks, here’s an excellent list. [Dangerous Minds]

Try to interview local musical treasure George Smallwood, and you’re more likely to get a show. [DCist]

This long Kanye West interview with the BBC is extremely quotable. [Spin, Fader]

Starbucks is out of the CD game. [A.V. Club]

D.C. musicians stand up for net neutrality. [DCist]

Madonna falls down (badly and publicly) and gets right back up. [NPR]

Robert Christgau really does not like The War on Drugs. [Spin]

Attention bands: Women want more women-sized merch. [The Runout]

ScarJo has a synthpop band. [Noisey]

Gary Glitter gets 16 years jail time on sex abuse charges. [NME]

Erykah Badu, forever killing it. [CBS DFW]

Dan Deacon does one helluva Tiny Desk concert. [NPR]

Marijuana is kinda legal in D.C. now, so here is your stoner playlist. [D.C. Heavy Metal]

Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy started a record label. [Village Voice]

Shy Glizzy has a new video. [Nahright]

This is what the offices of Tommy Boy looked like in ’91. [Fader]

Oh, so records are gonna come out on Fridays now? OK. [Billboard]

Essential viewing: Kenny G meets Warren G. [Jimmy Kimmel Live]

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