Premiere: Polyon’s New Video For ‘More’

By Ally Schweitzer

Last month Bandwidth premiered “More,” a full-force single from D.C. fuzz-rock trio Polyon — and today the band tops it off with a video as blown out as the song itself.

The video opens with a cringe-inducing close-up of what looks like a tattoo needle probing flesh — until the camera pulls back and we see a banana freshly emblazoned with the band’s name. Seconds later there’s some kind of punk-rock apple, split in half and oversaturated to the point of a nuclear glow. Then… is that breakfast cereal? And a fried egg, followed by bacon and a pizza?

Polyon frontman Ryan McLaughlin says yes, it’s a parade of food — and none of it means anything in particular.

“It’s mostly ’cause it just looks pretty cool,” McLaughlin writes in an email. “I asked my friend Aviv to have some fun and make some weird footage to help with the video. He kinda stumbled upon a couple of the food ideas, and it really resonated with us.”

McLaughlin acknowledges he could be attracted to food imagery because he’s run Dangerously Delicious Pies’ food truck for more than four years. But there’s a fringe benefit to the video’s silliness, too.

“We love how it came out like a video that Beavis and Butthead would make fun of,” McLaughlin writes.

Watch the video up top, and catch the band at Black Cat tonight and Hole in the Sky April 12.