Premiere: Polyon’s Hard-Driving New Single, ‘More’

By Ally Schweitzer


In his bands Typefighter and Joy Buttons, D.C. musician Ryan McLaughlin has helped launch numerous heavy-duty rock songs into the universe. But his latest project, Polyon, is the first to sound like it originated in space.

That’s because Polyon’s first demo recording on Soundcloud, “Crest,” came across more like space rock than McLaughlin’s other two current projects. And it seems like that’s the direction Polyon is headed with its newest song, “More,” a big and crunchy anthem that sounds powered by rocket fuel.

It’s Adam Lake’s synth whirrs that lend Polyon a streak of prog. Take them out, and you’ve got the bones of a solid post-rock ensemble. But “sludgy fuzz-pop” has been the band’s chosen descriptor, McLaughlin writes in an email — and hey, that works, too.

Lyrically, “More” seems to mirror a creative evolution that McLaughlin has undertaken since his other band Typefighter went from genteel to aggressive.

“I tend to have some trouble saying ‘no’ to people and I have been actively trying to be a bit more assertive,” McLaughlin writes. “So in this one, I am more or less reminding myself that it’s OK to say ‘yes’ so long as I’m not letting anyone walk all over me.”

With his guitar turned up this loud, McLaughlin doesn’t appear to need help being forceful.

“More” is included on Polyon’s three-song demo EP, out digitally this Thursday, when the band tops a bill at DC9. The headlining slot feels like a vote of confidence for a band that still hasn’t played many gigs.

Polyon’s show count falls “somewhere between 10 and 15,” McLaughlin writes. “I think we just passed the 10 mark a show or two ago.”

Polyon plays DC9 March 19 with Solids and Stronger Sex.