Eddie From Ohio, Hayley Fahey

By Ally Schweitzer

Eddie From Ohio
Eddie From Ohio

Songs featured Sept. 13, 2016, as part of Capital Soundtrack from WAMU 88.5.Read more about the project and submit your own local song.

Zenon Slawinski – The Beginning Of Time
Sonic Thee – Speaker
Pilesar – Every Blade of Grass
The Moderate – Conversation
Teen Mom – Boyfriends
Mark Sylvester – Pulse (In 7)
Fields Burning – Joy’s Desire
Miyazaki – Opportunist
Eddie From Ohio – Mimosas In Missouri
Projekt Eins – Virtuoso
Hayley Fahey – Tuesday Morning
Azure Vox – The Best Part
Bellfount – You Still Love Me (Instrumental)
Jon Camp – Interrupted Transmission
Bells and Hunters – Sense of Time
Astronaut Jones – Farther
Rumpole – Just BDF
Ricky Eat Acid – Can You See Its Bloom
Young Rapids – Melt
Terrill Mast – Venetian Corridors

Part of Capital Soundtrack

What does Washington sound like? Capital Soundtrack, a new music project from WAMU 88.5, explores that question. This summer, we’re turning over our airwaves to musicians from D.C., Maryland and Virginia. We’re doing that by overhauling the sounds you hear during our talk shows and news breaks, and dedicating all of our interlude music to local artists. So while you take in the news that matters to you — whether during Morning Edition with Matt McCleskey or The Kojo Nnamdi Show — the atmosphere of the day's events will be shaped by sounds from our region. Capital Soundtrack is our way of amplifying our local musicians and tapping into the rich and diverse sounds of this place we call home. Let WAMU connect you with the sounds of Washington.

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