Dischord Is Putting Its Entire Catalog On Bandcamp

By Ally Schweitzer

Fugazi and friends, now on Bandcamp.
Fugazi and friends, now on Bandcamp.

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Except for a few rarities, it’s not hard to find music from Dischord Records. The seminal D.C. punk-rock label co-founded by Ian MacKaye keeps its titles in print and its online store well-stocked — and the imprint jumped on the digital bandwagon long ago.

Nevertheless, news that the 36-year-old label is uploading its catalog to Bandcamp will probably prompt shrieks of joy from Dischord devotees.

The label has already posted Fugazi’s entire discography on the digital music service, plus a huge chunk of everything it’s ever released, dating back to 1980. Yep, Flex Your Head is there. So is LungfishMinor Threat. Rites of Spring. Q and Not U. Black EyesNation of Ulysses. Name your favorite Dischord album, and there’s a good chance it’s now on Bandcamp, streamable for free and downloadable for a very reasonable price.

I haven’t been able to confirm when or why Dischord began posting its catalog to Bandcamp — I’ll update when I find out — but label spokesperson Aaron Leitko (disclosure: we’re friends) writes in an email, “we should [have] the whole deal switched on by next week.”

Now, here’s some Slant 6 just because.

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