Maryland’s Nature Boi And Brain Rapp Go Back And Forth On ‘Jada & Styles’

By Joe Warminsky

That's Jada & Styles, not Boi & Rapp.
That's Jada & Styles, not Boi & Rapp.

Lox-heads view Jadakiss and Styles P as two of the greatest practitioners of back-and-forth rapping, which is a bit of a lost art in an era when beats and rhymes (and fully purchased guest verses) are often combined in digitally disconnected settings. But this is also an era when no lost art stays lost for long.

Thus we have “Jada & Styles,” by Maryland’s Nature Boi and Brain Rapp, a leak from their upcoming EP titled SPRNTRL (like “supernatural”).

Over Nature Boi’s late-night, horn-buttressed beat, they get playfully old-school: “Reportin’ live from the cul-de-sac/Nature Boi/Brain Rapp/Fly so high in the sky, gave a plane dap.”

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