Viking’s Choice: Two Inch Astronaut, ‘Good Behavior’

By Lars Gotrich  |  NPR

Two Inch Astronaut.
Two Inch Astronaut. Courtesy of the artist

As it stands right now, the current D.C. hardcore/punk scene doesn’t dwell too much on its past. It’s there, it exists, but few seek out the sonic lineage left by Dischord Records in the ’80s and ’90s, which has proved crucial to the area’s revitalization. Two Inch Astronaut, however, has never been shy about picking up the torch. The D.C. post-hardcore band’s youthful enthusiasm has become more steadied over the years, and with its forthcoming third album Personal Life — produced by none other than J. Robbins — Two Inch Astronaut sounds as unpredictable and polished as ever.

“Good Behavior” leads the record with a snappy, twisted pop song. Sam Rosenberg’s knotty guitar work continues to evolve, as a Pixies-like sense of melody lurks the background, and he works nicely in tandem with new member Andy Chervenak (Grass Is Green), the bassist and co-vocalist who’s boosted the musicianship of the already talented trio. But Rosenberg has also finally come into his own as a singer. Here, he plays with the shapes of words as he circles around the melody and sells and yells the hell out of his dejection: “Good behavior cannot help me now.”

Personal Life comes out Feb. 5 on Exploding In Sound.

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