Watch Sneaks — The Band — Commit First-Degree Bicycle Murder

By Ally Schweitzer

Eva Moolchan is a 20-year-old artist who’s committed a cold-blooded act of murder.

She’s killed a bike.

Taking place somewhere in Baltimore, the slaughter, remarkably, is captured on film — in the new music video from Moolchan’s minimal punk project, Sneaks.

“X.T.Y” is the video’s name, the visual counterpart to a tense tune on Sneaks’ 2014 self-titled release. “X.T.Y is about whatever’s not on your side,” Moolchan writes in an email. “For me, it is anxiety. But then again, it makes me feel alive.”

More alive, certainly, than the kid-size bicycle that meets its fate at the video’s end. But at least the poor thing had a thrill in its final moments — the grainy, VHS-quality video shows Moolchan astride the bike, tearing up Baltimore’s streets alongside a BMX skillfully maneuvered by a guy she calls Reefer.

Reefer sports a devil costume. “He had a lot of tricks up his sleeve,” Moolchan writes.

So did director Ryan Florig, who spotted a trio of young girls at the skate park and immediately cast them in supporting roles, Moolchan writes. The girls goof around and pull shapes, bringing a childlike innocence to what’s ultimately a snuff film.

Moolchan expresses no remorse for the gruesome killing.

“We wanted an ending!” she writes. “Also, it was filmed on the day of the ‘Blood Moon,’ so we were just going with the spirit.”