Petition Calls For Dischord To Sign Foo Fighters, With Goal To Destroy Foo Fighters

By Ally Schweitzer

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl says his band "could break up" if signed by Dischord. Hmm.
Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl says his band "could break up" if signed by Dischord. Hmm.

This post has been updated with a comment from the petition’s owner, Grayson Currin.

The petition started today has a simple mission: Persuade Dischord Records to sign Foo Fighters so Foo Fighters breaks up.

Started by music writer Grayson Currin, the petition on stems from Dave Grohl’s recent suggestion that a deal with the influential D.C. label is on his super-successful band’s bucket list.

“If the Foos could do a Dischord single, then we could break up. Done deal,” Grohl said in a video interview with NME.

“People should support this petition because Dave Grohl says that, should Dischord release a Foo Fighters single, Foo Fighters will break up,” the petition reads. “This is very important, as Grohl and his band might be the most insufferable band of bros on the planet.”

In an email to Bandwidth, Currin calls his petition “entirely a joke” and says he doesn’t wish the Foos any harm. Yet, he adds, “I find Grohl’s opinions about music to be prescriptive and limiting and kind of myopic, and I feel like he often treats his values like official positions that should be adopted by heads of state or something.”

Grohl directed Sonic Highways, an HBO series about national music scenes and studios that also captured the making of his band’s latest album.

As of this writing, Currin’s petition has 55 signatures with a goal of 100.

Grohl recently publicized a letter he wrote to Dischord co-owner Ian MacKaye when he was 14, asking MacKaye to help out his teenage band Mission Impossible. He told NME the ex-Minor Threat vocalist found the letter in his attic.

I’ve reached out to MacKaye for comment on this petition business. No word back yet.