Watch Gogol Bordello Cover Fugazi’s ‘Blueprint’

By Ally Schweitzer

Warning: This video contains explicit language.

Free of spirit and fond of Jagermeister, Gogol Bordello frontman Eugene Hütz isn’t a stereotypical Fugazi fan. But the mustachioed gypsy-punk performer is a true Fugazi acolyte, once calling the D.C. post-hardcore fourpiece his “favorite band of all time.”

That’s probably why Gogol Bordello has been covering Fugazi’s “Blueprint” on its latest tour. According to, the famously energetic ensemble has covered the song (from 1990’s Repeater) in New York City and Warsaw, Poland, and this YouTube video documents a recent performance in Berlin. But the cover makes more sense when it’s played right here, in Fugazi’s hometown, and that’s what Gogol Bordello delivered during its weekend-long run of shows at the 9:30 Club two weeks back.

Filmmakers (and occasional Bandwidth contributors) Brian Liu and Andrew Labens filmed the band playing a stomping, accordion-inflected “Blueprint” at the V Street venue Dec. 28. It’s not a faithful rendition whatsoever — if it weren’t for the lyrics, this Gogolified “Blueprint” would probably be unrecognizable — but the fire is there.

The Washington Post declared 2011 the “year of the Fugazi cover.” But that year hasn’t ended yet. In 2012, Wild Flag covered “Margin Walker” live. In 2013, RX Bandits recorded a version of “Cashout.” Last year, Arcade Fire covered “Waiting Room” at the Verizon Center. And now this. (Surely, there have been others.)

But even if the year of the Fugazi cover stretches on forever, it will be tough to top Atom and His Package’s 1997 cover of “Waiting Room.” Sorry, bands.