Visto Is Completely On Fleek In His New Video

By Briana Younger

Peace sign tatted on his neck and locks hanging past his shoulders, Virginia native Visto finds himself in suitably natural surroundings in his newest music video. But the song’s name and hook — “On Fleek Tonight” — is born from technology, kind of. It stems from an Internet meme.

That would be “on fleek,” a term popularized by Vine user Peaches Monroee in a June video clip. “On fleek” has come to mean chic, put together, manicured — and Visto has his own interpretation. “My definition of ‘fleek’ is just being on point — being top-notch in everything you do,” writes the singer and rapper in an email. “In my song, ‘fleek’ is beyond outward appearance. I notice the girl that ‘cherishes love and light.'”

But the track itself — produced by D.C.-based beatmaker, DJ and engineer Kid Cannibal — is what gave Visto the idea for his lyrics. The track feels lighthearted, blending a breezy guitar build-up into an electro-pop hook while maintaining some hip-hop elements (throbbing bass, handclaps). “Honestly, the production inspired the song,” Visto writes. “It just makes you feel on fleek!”

For the video, Visto abandons what he calls the “superficial club video with models and bottles,” trading them for green (including the smokable kind) and a fireside party. It’s “showing a group of friends simply having a great time,” Visto writes — and it lent him an opportunity to show off “the diversity and individuality” of his posse, the Hippie Life Krew. (See Bandwidth’s recent coverage of Pinky KillaCorn, a crew member.)

Visto has always straddled the line between singer and rapper — see his previous singles “Shinobi,” “Witcha” and “How That Pxssy Taste” — and his versatility is on full display with “On Fleek Tonight,” finding him in much poppier territory.

“People seem to expect ‘different’ from me, so that pushes me to experiment with sounds and styles,” Visto writes. “I don’t worry about trends — they don’t last. Universal feelings do. And that’s my aim for my style, my sound and my career.”