Photos: Perfect Pussy, Joanna Gruesome And Potty Mouth At Rock & Roll Hotel

By Michael Andrade

Perfect Pussy-9

Scenes from Saturday’s show at Rock & Roll Hotel with Syracuse punk band Perfect Pussy, U.K. angry-poppers Joanna Gruesome, and Massachusetts alt-rock quartet Potty Mouth. (Not shown: opening act Love of Everything.)

Potty Mouth:

Potty Mouth-2 Potty Mouth-3 Potty Mouth

Joanna Gruesome:

Joanna Gruesome-3

Joanna Gruesome-4

Joanna Gruesome-5

Joanna Gruesome-6

Joanna Gruesome-7

Joanna Gruesome-8

Perfect Pussy:

Perfect Pussy-2

Perfect Pussy-3

Perfect Pussy-5

Perfect Pussy-7

Perfect Pussy-8

Perfect Pussy-9

Perfect Pussy-10

Perfect Pussy-12

Perfect Pussy-13

Perfect Pussy-14

Perfect Pussy-15

Perfect Pussy-16

Perfect Pussy-17

Perfect Pussy-21