Los Master Plus Live At WAMU

By Ally Schweitzer

Upon arriving at WAMU’s studio, the first thing Los Master Plus had to do was steam some shirts.

The Mexico-based duo—famous for their send-ups of pop songs—maintains a collection of silky, ostentatious banda attire, frequently fringed or adorned with animal print. The shirts they chose to wear for our studio session had become wrinkled in transit.

But after a quick steam in the official WAMU showers, the shirts were ready for showtime, and Los Master Plus’ Larry Mon and El Comanche—despite being a little worn out from a fun night in Richmond—ripped into two hilarious and expertly performed tracks, “Suave Leve” and the Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg-influenced “El Gran Vacilón.”

Los Master Plus’ performance in WAMU’s Bluegrass Studio rivals the hilarity of the duo’s satirical, hormone-saturated YouTube videos (most recently “Fiestiña”), famous among their many starry-eyed fans in Mexico. Yet throughout, Larry Mon and El Comanche never crack a smile. It’s no small feat.

Not surprisingly, Los Master Plus’ stellar showing also made for great GIF material.

Homepage photo by Rhiannon Newman