This New Compilation Wants To Soundtrack Your D.C. Summer

By Ally Schweitzer

D.C. electronic-music compilation 'District Summer' is aiming for the rooftops.
D.C. electronic-music compilation 'District Summer' is aiming for the rooftops. William Neuheisel

The 10 songs on District Summer, a new compilation of D.C. electronic music, are all tagged “Rooftop Vibes” on Soundcloud. That sounds about right. There’s not a track on the collection that wouldn’t suit a roof party in Dupont.

The compilation includes previously unreleased tracks from producers with ties to the D.C. region, including Outputmessage, Will Eastman, Nacey (of Misun, now in L.A.), Thomas Blondet and Wave Age, who also records as Caleb L’Etoile. For the most part, it’s sunny, accessible stuff that skews toward lightweight house.

Jake Komara — aka DJ Reed Rothchild — helped organize the compilation, which began percolating in February. That time of year “really got me thinking about summer,” Komara writes in an email. “I wanted to put out a music compilation that would capture the feeling of what it’s like to be in D.C. during the summer months. From brunches, to pool parties and rooftop afterhours, D.C. has a pulse during this special time of year.”

Though, at least one song on the collection has origins outside the party: Outputmessage (Bernard Farley) says his track, “Gladys,” is dedicated to his grandmother. From his Facebook page:

This song is particularly special to me. Last year, my grandma Gladys passed away after a long battle with lung cancer. Before she moved on though, she asked me to write her a song. I knew she wouldn’t want a sad song, but a song that was full of life and that’s how “Gladys” came about.

Stream District Summer below.

Flickr photo by William Neuheisel used under a Creative Commons license.