The Bounce: This Week In Music News

By Ally Schweitzer

Local MCs Akoko freestyled for DCist this week.
Local MCs Akoko freestyled for DCist this week.

Bandwidth’s Friday roundup of local and not-so-local music news.

On Veterans Day, the Concert For Valor was “about as American as it gets,” writes Chris Richards, but booking Eminem was an “egregious misstep.” [Washington Post]

This dude has had it with Dave Grohl and The Foo Fighters. HAD IT. [BDCwire]

At the Ocean City Elvis Festival, Elvis impersonators take their jobs seriously. Also: Don’t call them impersonators. [Washington Post]

Do music critics matter anymore? [American Journalism Review]

WNYC’s music program Soundcheck is going off-air. [New York Times]

Talented local MCs Akoko open up about hip-hop, identity and sexual abuse—then they freestyle. [DCist]

The librarians behind D.C. Public Library’s Punk Archive talked on Radio CPR’s Dissonance this week. [Dissonance]

Wale, the Wizards’ new “creative liaison,” loves his basketball references. [Washington City Paper]

Punk has run out of ideas, according to this guy. [Noisey]

A helpful list of incestuous D.C. bands. [D.C. Music Download]

Nancy Pelosi: Secret metalhead? [Washington Post]

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