Rodrigo Amarante Live At The Wilderness Bureau

By Raul Zahir De Leon

Singer-songwriter Rodrigo Amarante spent nearly 10 years playing with Brazilian bands Los Hermanos and Orquestra Imperial before traveling to California to play music stateside. He joined Devendra Banhart’s band and linked up with Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti to form Little Joy.

Now, Rodrigo has struck out on his own and has released his first solo album, Cavalo, which came out earlier this year. The last time he played D.C.’s Sixth & I Historic Synagogue, he was opening for his pal Devendra, but last weekend he returned to hold the headlining spot. With a day off on his tour, Rodrigo sent his band on ahead to New York while he stopped by the Wilderness Bureau to hang out with us for a few hours.

Check out his performance of “The Ribbon” and “Irene” from his debut album.

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