Now D.C. Has Two Songs About Selling Drugs At Chain Stores

By Ally Schweitzer

D.C. hip-hop imprint FHTMG calls itself “the most subversive record label in the world.” I’ve got another superlative for it: “most proficient at clickbait.”

In 2013, FHTMG — which stands for Forest Hills Tenleytown Music Group (subversive!) — sent local rappers Pacman and Peso to North Korea to film a video. Last year, the label dropped a homemade visual for a song about selling drugs at a Starbucks. And now FHTMG is back at it, with a new trap-rap song called “Trader Joe’s.”

“Trader Joe’s. I’m up at Trader Joe’s. I move a lot of work, boy — especially when it snows,” raps Abu Rahss, aka Ramsey Aburdene, a co-founder of FHTMG. “I move to all the yuppies and to all the hipster h**s and the lawyers and the lobbyists and all the frat bros.”

The video shows Rahss and his presumed partner in crime, G Wang, engaging in tomfoolery around the grocery store’s 14th Street location. Otherwise known as stand-up comic Ryan Ha, G Wang raps less than expertly, but makes up for it with a couple of ridiculous punchlines (“I trap at Trader Joe’s, free samples in this b***h”).

I reached out to FHTMG for more information about the video, but I haven’t heard back yet. My next phone call will be to Trader Joe’s.