More From Katinka Kleijn, Brainwave Duet Cellist

By Joe Warminsky


Perhaps you heard WAMU’s piece about the “duet for cello and brainwaves” via a link on social media. It’s fascinating.

The performer, Chicago Symphony Orchestra cellist Katinka Kleijn, is much more than a techno-novelty, though. Not surprisingly, she’s recorded some contemporary classical pieces, like “Eternal Escape” by Dai Fujikura. And it shouldn’t be surprise that she’s played some prog, too, like a rocked-out version of Olivier Messiaen’s “Fury For the Seven Trumpets.” Intrigued? Stream them in the playlist below.

There’s more music on Kleijn’s Soundcloud page. If you can’t get enough of the brain/strings thing, one of her collaborators, Daniel Deehan, did an interview this week with Business Insider. And here’s a video of her performing with the gear: