Hot Pants And Old Cars: Kali Uchis’ New Video Has A Lot Of Them

By Ally Schweitzer

Virginia-reared vocalist Kali Uchis really loves American cars and early ’70s vibes, and her new video for “Rush” — a hazy highlight from the L.A. resident’s 2015 debut EP, Por Vida — doubles down on both. Oh, and hot pants. It’s got a lot of those, too.

The video — co-directed by Uchis and WIISSA — premiered on Fader Tuesday, with Uchis telling the outlet, “I was inspired by Quentin Tarantino, freedom, revolution, euphoria, nature [and] unity.” (She forgot to say hot pants.)

Hours after Uchis debuted the video, her fans started fervently debating what the singer and Instagram star smells like. One guy asked if the Colombia native “smells like horchata.” Someone responded, “I feel like she smells like purple shampoo.” It got more creative after that.

“Something tells me that @KALIUCHIS smells like Jamba Juice and money,” offered one fan. “PERSONALLY,” posted another, “I THINK @KALIUCHIS SMELLS LIKE CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH WITH ALMOND MILK.”

My best guess? Kali Uchis smells like clean clothes right out of the dryer. Specifically: hot pants.