Review: Y La Bamba, ‘Ojos Del Sol’

By Felix Contreras  |  NPR

Y La Bamba's new album, Ojos Del Sol, comes out Sept. 2.
Y La Bamba's new album, Ojos Del Sol, comes out Sept. 2. Ingrid Renan, Courtesy of the artist


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For the Portland, Ore., band Y La Bamba, creativity and talent have combined and crystalized to form a unique sound. That sound is the sum of many individual musical experiences and influences, but it also reflects a shared vision. Most importantly, on the new Ojos Del Sol, it sounds as if the group is having a blast playing music.

The biggest step forward on the new record lies in how Y La Bamba uses Luz Elena Mendoza’s voice: It’s employed like a musical instrument, as part of an ensemble sound. That may sound easy, but it’s difficult to pull off. Singing delicately in her upper register, she seems enmeshed in the instrumental arrangements, which gives her bicultural storytelling an almost otherworldly feel.

Ojos Del Sol represents a major step forward for Y La Bamba, not least because it fully establishes Mendoza as one of the most innovative and exciting young vocalists around.

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First Listen: Y La Bamba, 'Ojos Del Sol'

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