Ben Khan, ‘1000’

By Kiana Fitzgerald  |  NPR

Ben Khan's new EP, 1000, is out May 11.
Ben Khan's new EP, 1000, is out May 11. Courtesy of the artist


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You might remember British soul artist Ben Khan from his song “Youth,” which made our list of the best songs of 2014 back in December. On his new single “1000,” the 22 year old leaves no room for hesitation. The title track to his upcoming EP comes in thumping from the jump, crammed to the brim with shimmy-worthy synths, muddy bass, and a splash of blues guitar — all played and produced by Khan in his bedroom. The frenetic production sets the scene for Khan’s lyrics, which embody the ebb and flow of flirting: “I don’t need much, just a touch / Cause you’re just a crush.” We all know the drill: Who calls first? Who fesses up to wanting the other more? It’s the sweet hesitation just before admitting you might be ready to go steady.

1000 is out May 11 on Khan’s own label, Blessed Vice.

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