Bandwidth is a digital project by WAMU 88.5, D.C.’s leading public radio station for NPR news and information. Launched on Feb. 6, 2014, bandwidth.wamu.org covers the varied landscape of the region’s music scene. All genres live under the same roof here, where local music enthusiasts can find exclusive video performances and studio sessions, news and other dynamic content highlighting artists making waves in D.C.

From the first strains of bluegrass we played on air in 1967 to the hot vintage jazz we’ve aired every Saturday night since the 1980s, music is written in our station’s DNA. Still, we hear from our listeners that what’s missing from our coverage of the region is what’s happening in arts and entertainment. With Bandwidth, we continue our tradition of giving props to great music and move one step toward covering the A&E beat more fully. We intend to bring our trademark depth and thoughtfulness to our coverage of the region’s music while showcasing this town’s most dynamic performers, both known and unknown.

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As of January 2017, Bandwidth is not accepting pitches or new contributors. If you have a general inquiry, email us at bandwidth@wamu.org.