A Bunch Of Baltimore Bands Covered Sisqó’s ‘Thong Song’

By Ally Schweitzer

The 15th anniversary of Sisqó’s monster single “Thong Song” could have wafted past like the scent of coconut body oil on a summer breeze. But Baltimore public radio station WTMD couldn’t let that happen.

To commemorate the Baltimore native’s hit — which dropped on New Year’s Eve of 1999, but topped the charts the following summer — WTMD commissioned “Thong Song” covers from seven Baltimore artists. Horse Lords, TT the Artist, Wing Dam, Thee Lexington Arrows, Soft Pink Truth, Microkingdom and The Manly Deeds all turned in versions that range from wacked out to cranked up. Not all preserved the song’s most infamous lyric, “Dumps like a truck, truck, truck.”

On WTMD.org, writer Sam Sessa also has a story about the origins of “Thong Song,” well worth reading.

Listen to these ridiculous covers below: